Subscription costs (August 2018)

Full site subscription - future openings / news / groups & brands data Annual sub + vat
Single user: £600
Additional user: £120
More than two additional users: please contact us
RPBi News subscription - news and groups & brand data only**  
Single user: £149
Additional user: £50
** No access to the future site openings database   

Subscriptions start from the 1st of every month and run for 12 months. If you send us the order form on for example 5 January, your subscription will start on 1 February, but you will have immediate access to the website.

Cancellation is one month's notice in writing and the unused time period will be refunded.

If you do not wish to take out a subscription for the whole UK, we can offer subscriptions by geographical region or market sector. 

Listed below are the subscription costs per market sector and geographical region. Note these costs are stand alone and are NOT in addition to the full subscription rate; so if you wanted to just get details on London openings, the annual sub would be £240 + vat, as opposed to £600 + vat. Or if you just wanted to subscribe to Restaurant, Café, Cafebar & Takeaway then you would pay just £360 + vat - not the full sub rate of £600 + vat

Please note, it is either / or, for example, you cannot take out a subscription just for pubs in London, it must be either pubs or London.

Geographical region Annual sub + vat (Price per region)
East of England: £180
London: £240
Midlands (East & West Midlands): £180
North East, North West, Yorkshire & Humberside: £240
Scotland, Northern Ireland & Isle of Man: £180
South East: £240
South West, Wales & Channel Islands: £180
Two or more regions: 20% discount


Market sector Annual sub + vat
Pub, Bar & Nightclub: £240
Restaurant, Café, Cafebar & Takeaway: £360
Hotel & Aparthotel:: £300
Two sectors: 20% discount